Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My First Impression On Maybelline Baby Lips | Treasure Tuesday

I know I maybe way too late on the Maybelline Baby Lips bandwagon, but my Nivea Lip Balm was finished (as featured in my What's In My Makeup Bag) and I couldn't live a day without a lip balm, so I had to pick up a replacement.

My local drugstore didn’t carry Nivea Lip Balm (shocking! I know) so I had to pick up the next best thing. As I have heard so many people online talking about the Maybelline Baby Lips, I thought why not give it a go?

There were a lot of colors or flavors to choose from but they all had neon bright colors. So I picked up #25 Pink Punch that was the most normal looking amongst the lot. My initial impression is that it smells so much like a fruity bubble gum, yum I’d say! Seriously, you would be tempted to eat it.

This lip balm is quite pricey for its category. In my local drugstore, it retails at 3.49 Euros whilst other lip balms sell at around 2.99 Euros.     

I would say Maybelline Baby Lips is somewhat a bit of a hybrid between a lip balm and a lipstick wannabe. I say this because, for a lip balm, it does have some pigmentation and you can certainly build it up. So be careful especially when choosing the neon colored ones.

I picked this up when my lips were severely dry and chapped thinking it would help my lips heal. I was wrong. It sat on my chapped lips and it applied unevenly. So I now realize that I can better use this when my lips are on its better days or must exfoliate first before applying. I must confess I am a bit lazy when it comes to that and always skip that process thinking lip balms will do it.

Remember, this is only my impression and is based on my experience. What I experienced could be different from yours. I am only sharing this so that it may help others when deciding to whether pick this up or not.

So here are the pro’s and con’s:

1.     Smells yummy!
2.     Comes in a variety of fun colors, perfect for any occasion.
3.     Fairly pigmented and is buildable.

1.     A bit pricey for a lip balm – so buy this when it is on sale to save some money.
2.     Only use when lips are not dry and must exfoliate before applying.

If you were on the hunt for a new lip balm with a bit of tint, I would recommend that you try this. Just don’t forget to exfoliate your lips first before applying for smoother and even result.

Have you tried the Maybelline Baby Lips? What are your thoughts on it? Which lip balm are you using at the moment? Let us know.

Lots of love,

Jo xoxo



  1. I got this one too and have the same experience as you, Jo. I think it's a bit pricey but it has a nice pigmentation. :)

    Sarah x

  2. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  3. I know so many people who love carrying this around with them and are consistently impressed by it - it really does smell lush! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Yes Gabrielle, it smells really good. xxx

  4. I've also already given in to all the hype and purchased some of the Maybelline Baby Lips, too ^_^
    So far, I've had Peach Kiss, Cherry me as well as Pink Punch and I totally agree with your thoughts on them! They're definitely not the best when it comes to repairing chapped lips but they do add a nice hint of colour to your lips. My favourite of the three is probably Peach Kiss - it doesn't really have an intense colour payoff but the subtle glitter/shimmer in it looks really pretty :)


  5. Great review Jo! So refreshing reading a blog post where someone is actually honest about it being a bit overpriced. Haven't tried these yet, but only read good things about them.


    1. Thanks Janneke, I have to say what I think so everybody will know. xxx

  6. I haven't used this. I thought it would have like a very sweet fragrant. Seems great to use after reading this review.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  7. I have a slight lip balm addiction and I own 3 baby lips, Pink Punch, Cherry me and one of the Neon ones, the name slipped me now, so far the best lip balm I've used for really dry and chapped lips is the Labello Lip Butter, I think when I was in the Netherlands I purchased Labello as Nivea lip balms :) It's only the name that differs.

    Pieces in Pink | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes Lizna, Nivea and Labello are from the same company. xxx

  8. I'm a fan of this product, I'm in love with the Strike A Rose shade but they are not the best when it comes to lip -balm.



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Thank you for visiting Say Cheesy Cake Blog and leaving your thoughts. I really appreciate your time and interaction. I would love to visit your blog as well so leave your address and let's connect.

You will also find me on Bloglovin, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let's get connected!

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