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Witchcraft Couture by Katarina West + Giveaway | Fiction Friday

I love to read books and that’s a fact and I always get excited to talk about my recent reads. Which makes it so difficult to write a review without spoiling the story.

For this week’s Fiction Friday, I would like to share what I just recently finished reading. I thought I’d share it immediately so that everything is still fresh in my brain.

The book is called Witchcraft Couture written by Katarina West. What attracted me to this book is that it is about fashion and witchcraft, which are two genres I am always fascinated about. This book is very different from what I normally would read as I tend to gear towards the young adult section. Yes, I know I need to grow up!

Witchcraft Couture is about a story of the rise and fall of an Italian fashion designer called Federico a.k.a. Oscar Pellegrini. The story is written in a diary form by Oscar which makes it very intimate for the reader to get a peak of what is going on inside Oscar’s head and how he sees the world.  

A diary found on Oscar Pelligrini's laptop, entitled 'Witchcraft Couture' and written in Italian

After reading this book I was able to understand how the fashion industry works and i must say it is very enchanting.

I cannot praise this book enough and much more to the author, Katarina West. The book is very well written, and thought of. There must have been a lot research done not just about fashion, but also about history, and art. This book is so unique and magical and you can get lost in the pages very easily.

You may not know this but I normally read my books on my Iphone whilst travelling to and from work. Funny enough, I literally was walking down the sidewalk reading this! It’s that good – you wouldn’t want to put it down until you finished. And when I finally did, I had goosebumps. This story will make you rethink and question things. I know this is fiction as the book clearly states, but I am thinking - could it be real? Why was this written? I still think about it even up to now.

I highly recommend Witchcraft Couture. It is a good read and I am 100% sure that you will love it too. I definitely would love to read more novels from Katarina West in the future and I hope she would write tons.

About The Author

Katarina West is a novelist, journalist and the author of Witchcraft Couture, a fantasy novel about a fashion designer who becomes an overnight success thanks to magic.

She was born in Finland, has studied in London and Florence – where she completed a doctorate in political science and published a book based on it – and now lives in an old, isolated farmhouse in Chianti with her husband and son, and a German ghost. (Yes, you might hear some German murmured on a moonlit November’s night…)

Katarina is currently working on a new novel – and, writing and country life permitting, tries to read anything and everything well-written that comes into her hands.

Learn more about Katarina West on her:


I would like to share my love for this book and giveaway 1 free copy of Witchcraft Couture. All you need to do is write in the comments that you would like one. I will announce the winner either on Twitter or on my Facebook page by the end of this month. So join me on both social media networks and keep your eyes peeled!

Lots of love,

Jo xoxo


  1. Wow, this book sounds interesting ;) I have to create FB fanpage and follow you, because I'd love to read this book to know how fashion industry works, I'm very curious :)

    1. Thank you so much Ivonne, the book is really good. You will love it!

  2. Wow clever book sound interesting sorry I do not have fb. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Sounds like a great read! Good luck to everyone!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Hello from Spain: interesting reading. Thank you for follow me on bloglovin. I prefer GFC. I follow you on Facebook. Keep in touch

  5. it looks like a really good book!

  6. That sounds like a brilliant book, Jo! Pick me, pick me! I can never get enough of books. Recently I have been reading again and finally am reading a book on Kobo that my hubby bought for me last year. It's the last book of 'The Mortal Instruments' series. Yes, I am reading a YA book. *blush*

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Oh I love Mortal Instruments, but I have read the book. I did finish the Insurgent series though. I would choose YA over anything, so you're not alone there Shireen!

  7. I would love this book as I have already seen a review and I am really intrigued haha, great post!

    Meme xx

    New post out now:
    'How to advertise your blog with:Vistaprint'

  8. Dear Jo, yes, we both love it to read :) Sometimes I'm walking even with the book in my hands through our house and I'm sure I would walk also on the sidewalk if we really had them here in our village! The story sounds really interesting and obiously you can learn a lot from this book! Thanks for this tip, I must immediately check out where I can get this book in Germany. Happy weekend dear Jo!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    1. Thanks Rena. You can get the book on Amazon. I'm sure you will love it. xxx

  9. Oh man, I CANNOT read books on my phone.. it messes with my eyes. How do you do it?! hehe.. anyhoo, great post, thanks for sharing! <3 -

    1. Hi Gingi, I just increase the font! Thank you. xxx

  10. Sounds like an interesting book :)

    Sarah x

  11. I've read this book too and loved it!! Everyone do yourself a favor and get a copy!! What a read. :D
    Love your blog, I look forward to reading more reviews. :)


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Thank you for visiting Say Cheesy Cake Blog and leaving your thoughts. I really appreciate your time and interaction. I would love to visit your blog as well so leave your address and let's connect.

You will also find me on Bloglovin, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let's get connected!

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